Colombian by birth, Dairo Vargas is a contemporary fine artist who specialises in abstract landscape and portraiture. While the two themes are very different in mood and style, his paintings reflect ethereal qualities of nature and the human physical form.

Accepting his first commission at sixteen, gave him the confidence to develop as an artist. London-based Vargas graduated from Kensington and Chelsea college of Art in 2008 and is now one of the most promising emerging artists of today.

He creates lyrical and abstract work inspired by dance, movement and everyday life, revealing layers of emotions, inner energy and feelings immersed in our communication and interaction.

His landscapes are inspired by places in the UK that hold a particular resonance – Sussex’s South Downs, the Black Mountains in Wales, the Yorkshire Dales and the British coast. Each piece aims to evoke a sense of awe and tranquillity in the viewer.

Despite a busy international exhibition schedule, he partners with a number of children’s charities in Britain and abroad, mentoring young people, while also teaching adult art classes for recreation and rehabilitation.


Baroness Gloria Hooper

Michael Portillo

Maxi Jazz (faithless)

Chico Slimani ( Finalist 2005 X Factor)

Edward Akrout (Franco-British actor)